Minneapolis Family & Portrait Photographer :: Kellom Family by Erica Loeks

One of the truest blessings I can offer my community is by giving back in some way shape or form. I choose to make portrait session donations to a variety of causes and if you ask me to donate, I am always happy to donate. The reward is knowing the cause will raise necessary funds to allocate accordingly, but also, for me it’s getting to meet and photograph the amazing families that bid on my portrait donation. Almost 9 years ago, this family came into my life after bidding on a Baby Bundle donation I made to Carlson. I’ve treasured watching their family grow and it’s always a pleasure seeing their blonde sweethearts.

Do you have a silent auction in need of donations? Please do feel free to email me at erica@ericaloeks.com.

Minneapolis Event Photographer :: University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development Graduation by Erica Loeks

I look forward to it every year, The University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development Graduation ceremonies. It's pure JOY to photograph. Every single person in that space is happy, excited, SOOOO over-the-moon to be receiving a much anticipated, hard earned degree. A certificate that says, "You've accomplished great, great things." Many of whom, have been in some sort of classroom for years and years and years. Researching. Learning. It is an absolute honor to be asked back year after year to photograph this moment for the College of Education and Human Development. It warms my heart with pure joy to see these smiles. 

Minneapolis Baby Portrait Photographer :: Arlo & Belle by Erica Loeks

Winner winner, Chicken dinner :) I held a little giveaway a few months ago on my Instagram profile, (which if you aren't following, you might as well head over there now and give me a follow because I guarantee I'll be announcing another giveaway soon.) (hint hint). This darling duo's Mama was nominated by a friend for the Full Family Session giveaway and here they are, just two stunning sweethearts in the studio for a Baby Buns session. We did a Family Session outdoors earlier this summer, you can view that HERE. Thanks for spending the afternoon with me Arlo and Belle. 


Jennifer & Soroush :: Minneapolis Portrait Photographer by Erica Loeks

You know, after taking a hiatus from photographing weddings, I realize why I LOVE weddings and why in general, I really do love revisiting photographing them from time to time. It's the Joy Factor. The Joy Factor that comes within a wedding, having something to celebrate, something to share with family and friends, it's so important and so needed this and every day! Through all the daily mundane activities we have, the world in general needs these micro-celebrations to reset and create balance. I have found 2 new friends in Jennifer and Soroush. I couldn't have enjoyed myself more on a Saturday afternoon, than celebrating with this gem of a couple. Sneak peak brought to you by one of her flower girls who stole my heart. (All of the children present stole my heart really!) Cheers Jennifer & Soroush! 


Baby Buns Sessions :: Minneapolis Baby Photographer by Erica Loeks


I'm so darn excited to finally announce something I've been wanting to do for a very long time! BABY BUNS SESSIONS! I'm pretty much obsessed with how these baby sessions are turning out and can't wait to have your baby's buns in the photo studio to document this entirely fleeting moment in their first year of being a precious baby. 

Maybe you missed out on this type of session, maybe you are nearing your 6 month baby mark and want to take advantage of this Exclusive In-Studio session, I'm so excited to offer these and I've set aside the first of what will more than likely be an ongoing event because let's face it, babies have the cutest buns and it needs to be said, this is one of the sweetest moments! 

DETAILS :: 30 minutes in the studio for this simple, yet adorable session

DATE :: Saturday, August 18th

TIMES :: 9am - 3pm

INVESTMENT :: $75 includes session time and one 8x10 print, online gallery to view and order additional digital files, prints and or products 

Session is best suited for when baby can sit on his/her own, roughly 6-8 months. 

Click below to book your session today! 

Pros and Cons to a Family Mini-Session :: Minneapolis Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer by Erica Loeks

It's that time of year, Summer is in full swing and you're wondering what lake to hit up this weekend! If you're like me, I want ALL the Summer has to offer ALL day EVERY day! As we approach Fall, the thoughts are creeping in that you need to get a Family photo session on the books or it'll be turkey season before you know it and you've missed those awesome Summer evenings for great photos. 

Over the years I get asked to "Just take a few photos, nothing major." and to that, I've answered your prayers and created a limited amount of Mini-Family sessions for this year. They are 20 minutes and definitely different in timing than a regular session. 


Why book a Mini-Session and what are the pros and cons? 

PROS ::  

:: It's in and out, 20 minutes to get those smiles, you're in the zone and ready to go!

:: You receive 15 digital files, which are ready to print and create with

:: You save a bit of money, sessions are $300 

:: Perfect for the annual Holiday Card photo and a few extras to frame


CONS :: 

:: 20 minutes is the length of your session. If you're wanting a bit more in terms of a lifestyle shoot, you'd be better to go with a regular family session , which is roughly 90 minutes. 

:: Full Family sessions receive an online gallery of roughly 30-60 images to choose from 

:: Full sessions start at $150 for the session fee and products are purchased a-la-carte from there.


Which is the right fit, Mini-Session or Full Family Session? To be honest, they are both AWESOME because it gets your family photographed once a year and you cannot put a price tag on documenting your family grow. It really does boil down to timing and ease. 

Example of a Mini-Session done at an apple orchard. Pay off for those blonde bombshell smiles? Lightsaber sword fight with their Mighty Mama! :) 

New Mama Group at Amma Parenting Center :: Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer by Erica Loeks


It's crazy to think that a year ago, just 1 short, yet feels like a lifetime ago, I became a New Mom. As a photographer and business owner, I was somewhat prepared to juggle my entrepreneurial side with my new sought-out Mama side, but when the day came, where they handed me Everett, my life changed more than I had ever dreamed it would. (In a good way!!) 

One of the things that helped me climb that proverbial New Mama Mountain, was by joining a New Mama group through a local parenting center called Amma Parenting Center. A few friends had raved about their New Mama groups and I thought it'd be wonderful to have something weekly to look forward to, with other New Mamas and the reward was built two-fold by the fact our class instructor was/is a certified nurse and Mama to 4 bambinos herself. 

I invited my New Mamas to join me in the studio for a celebratory photo of all our wee ones together and the results are in; CUTENESS OVERLOAD! :)

Looking at this photo has me reflecting on all the years I have photographed for families and over those years, now connecting on a level I never knew. A level of knowing what those new Mamas and Papas feel like for their Newborn session, how utterly exhausted and in the healing phases you are as a New Mama. How at the 6 month sessions you cannot believe how much they've changed. LITERALLY before your eyes, they are a different person with spunk and joy and maybe even teeth. How at 1 year they are suddenly more mobile and their ability to crawl across a room in about 2 seconds shocks you. 

Joining this New Mama group has honestly bound this group of women with myself in a way I'm overjoyed with. If you know of an expecting Mama or maybe you yourself are one, I cannot endorse Amma Parenting Center any less than 100% awesomeness for their amazing New Mama Classes. 

Erica Loeks Photography :: 2018 Fall Family Mini-Sessions, Lifestyle Photographer by Erica Loeks


Greetings Everyone! 

Last year at this time I had just had my baby boy Everett. He turned a year on June 26th.  I offered the "Everett Special" that Fall and well, due to popular demand, I'm doing something similar this year, 20 minute Fall Family Mini-Sessions.

There's nothing like a 20 minute jam session at a local park to get the smiles captured, the Holiday card photo accomplished and share time as a family. Slots are limited. 

I hope to see your beautiful faces come Fall! 



TIMES :: Limited 20 minute mini-sessions available on both dates

LOCATION :: I'm scouting all my favorite locations to find the perfect spots for this year. Location details will be sent two weeks prior to your session.

RAIN DELAY :: Should it rain, back up dates will be Sunday, September 16th & Sunday, October 21st. 

Sessions are priced at $300 and include 20 minute session, 15 digital files delivered via online gallery system. Online galleries will be delivered with 2 weeks of session. Additional prints and products may be purchased through the online gallery system. 

HOW TO BOOK :: Click on the link below and select 2018 Fall Family Mini-Sessions and scroll through the calendar to your desired date and time. Payment is due in full at time of booking and guarantees your session. 

If you have any questions, please call or email Erica at 612.743.2974 or erica@ericaloeks.com 

Can't wait to see you come this Fall! 



What to wear for your Summer Family Photo Session by Erica Loeks

I love Summer! It's my favorite season of the year and I look forward to the heat, the humidity, all the good things that come with warm weather. That being said, choosing attire for your Summer session can be stressful, mainly because we want to look great, but we also want comfort! Being comfortable, yet stylish as a family is what I want for you and let's face it, we only do this once a year, we want to make it worthwhile right? :) 

So here are my Top 5 Tips for dressing for your Summer Family Session :: 

1. Don't dress everyone in the same color. 

Instead of going with one color, such as white, go with a color family instead. I'm fine with some patterns and solids and when you mix them together, you really end up with a whimsical and tied together story. And, it adds to your story. 


2. Dress in comfortable clothing. 

It's so important that everyone tries on their clothing and makes sure they are comfortable. I can attest, if I'm not at ease in what I'm wearing, the inevitable irritation and agitation comes through and with your photo session, you want to be able to cuddle up together, sit down, stand up, walk together, have fun! Try your pieces on at home and make sure you all feel good, kids included.


3. Dress for each person's personality. 

Once you have a great color story for your entire family, go to accessorize and play with each person's personality. Dad loves hats, let's bring his favorite to wear in a few photos. Your little ones hate socks and like to go barefoot in their shoes, nix nay those socks and roll the pants up. Mom loves her signature gold hoop earrings. Add those final touches so each member of the family is present in their own way. 


4. Bring a few options

It never fails, a grass stained knee, a spilled juice cup, a mini-nursing session has left a milk stain. We roll with the punches and having a back up always helps you stay relaxed and on top of whatever mishap will pop up. And yes, there will be mishaps and we embrace them! 


5. Choose staples over too much fashion

I love fashion but I also like longevity. I consider my closet a safe place of options that really never go out of style, that way, I can wear what I own over the years without looking dated. We've all looked at photos from our youth and had a good chuckle at what our Mom made us wear or that we would DIE if we didn't get to wear and now we wonder why on earth shoulder pads were even a thing! :) Try to give you and your family a photo that will be filled with options that aren't super fashion forward, rather a staples. 


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Arlo & Belle 6 Months :: Minneapolis Baby Photographer by Erica Loeks

What's sweeter than a dynamic duo, fraternal twin babies? Nope, nothing. These two honey-hams were scrumptious for an outdoor 6 month session. I want all the baby toes, ALL the baby toes! 


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GIVEAWAY | Minneapolis Family, Lifestyle Photographer by Erica Loeks

It’s the last week of January and I’m feeling the LOVE of February! In the  spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m giving away a family session. Wait, let’s make that two, TWO Family Sessions! You read that right, I’m in the mood of roses and chocolates and all those mushy gestures of love. 

How can you be in the running? 

⚡️Follow @ericaloeksphotography on Instagram. 

⚡️Tag someone you think would love a FREE family session this year. 

⚡️Have them follow @ericaloeksphotography on Instagram. 

That’s it! You’re entered to win a Full Family Photo session. WINNERS will be announced FEBRUARY 10th

Start tagging and feel the Love!

*Exclusions and Details ||

     - Sessions must take place within 60 minutes of the Minneapolis, Saint Paul area

     - Offer expires last day of 2018

     - Sessions booked based on availability

*Included in your session ||

     - Roughly 90 minute photo session

     - Approximately 35-50 edited, high-resolution files 

     - Online gallery for viewing, sharing and ordering additional products.