New Mama Group at Amma Parenting Center :: Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer / by Erica Loeks


It's crazy to think that a year ago, just 1 short, yet feels like a lifetime ago, I became a New Mom. As a photographer and business owner, I was somewhat prepared to juggle my entrepreneurial side with my new sought-out Mama side, but when the day came, where they handed me Everett, my life changed more than I had ever dreamed it would. (In a good way!!) 

One of the things that helped me climb that proverbial New Mama Mountain, was by joining a New Mama group through a local parenting center called Amma Parenting Center. A few friends had raved about their New Mama groups and I thought it'd be wonderful to have something weekly to look forward to, with other New Mamas and the reward was built two-fold by the fact our class instructor was/is a certified nurse and Mama to 4 bambinos herself. 

I invited my New Mamas to join me in the studio for a celebratory photo of all our wee ones together and the results are in; CUTENESS OVERLOAD! :)

Looking at this photo has me reflecting on all the years I have photographed for families and over those years, now connecting on a level I never knew. A level of knowing what those new Mamas and Papas feel like for their Newborn session, how utterly exhausted and in the healing phases you are as a New Mama. How at the 6 month sessions you cannot believe how much they've changed. LITERALLY before your eyes, they are a different person with spunk and joy and maybe even teeth. How at 1 year they are suddenly more mobile and their ability to crawl across a room in about 2 seconds shocks you. 

Joining this New Mama group has honestly bound this group of women with myself in a way I'm overjoyed with. If you know of an expecting Mama or maybe you yourself are one, I cannot endorse Amma Parenting Center any less than 100% awesomeness for their amazing New Mama Classes.