Jennifer & Soroush :: Minneapolis Portrait Photographer / by Erica Loeks

You know, after taking a hiatus from photographing weddings, I realize why I LOVE weddings and why in general, I really do love revisiting photographing them from time to time. It's the Joy Factor. The Joy Factor that comes within a wedding, having something to celebrate, something to share with family and friends, it's so important and so needed this and every day! Through all the daily mundane activities we have, the world in general needs these micro-celebrations to reset and create balance. I have found 2 new friends in Jennifer and Soroush. I couldn't have enjoyed myself more on a Saturday afternoon, than celebrating with this gem of a couple. Sneak peak brought to you by one of her flower girls who stole my heart. (All of the children present stole my heart really!) Cheers Jennifer & Soroush!